5 minutes for myself before I start the hurrying day!

Good Morning to Everybody!

Everyday without a breath the day goes off. In rush we start the day to get the job, we get into factory and start daily rush, staff come 1 by 1 to raise problems. Then the manager arrives and starts yaling:)
My baby boy at home I need to check if everything is OK on their side. Then I call my mom my sister. I always forget the dad and have no time for my spouse's..
Then time for catching up at job, struggling problems.. Then it is time to lunch in 15 minutes becuse job never waits especially managers and problems.. Then I go for a meeting then an industrial trial them in to the factory out of the factory for signing bills, ordereing new equipment, installing, training etc..
When it is evening I am tired without a break for myself.. Auditors come and go.. Results checking..
Then it is time for going home..:)
I missed my son my husband my family..
When I arrive my son starts.. Mommiee…We go out then to take fresh air..Then it is time to cook, we eat, but first my son!
Then we give him a bath then I bath then it is time for him to sleep, we lay on the bed.
Good night, while I wait him sleep, I may be falling a sleep eralier than him..:)
Good night Moon..
So Without a breath break for my self..Days go off!
That is why when it is still silent in the morning I take a break 5 min. for my self. If possible, because while I am writing this 3 people come for some other issues to discuss:))