To be a part of ART ?..EBRU Marbling

I am a Libra, what means I was born in 27 Sep, My sign is Libra. Libra has the VENUS as a manager. Venüs means art, beauty. I love beauty, expression, balance. I want to make art. How is it possible for a girl like me? I have technical background, I know the chemistry and science, I learn the art of nature on science. It is a force coming deep inside my soul. Forces takes me to art. 
I want to express myself, so I relax. 
Get rid of the unhappiness..

I am interested in,

Music and Dance — I am now a part of ORFF Institute, I follow Onur Erol. I, with my family, we join his courses.

Graphic, Paint — I want to get Graphic Design courses in my town(I don’t know how) , also I am very interested in Digital Scrappbooking.

Photography- nothing I do at the moment, just take pic.s while jogging.

EBRU ART (youtube video) – is one of my best interests, but had never started anywhere. Please watch the video, it is wonderful!

I saw yesterday there are courses, gratis!! in our city, follow the links:

For housewives, though. It makes me feel more like quitting my job.
Just today, a feeling comes and whistles 
“Esra just QUIT your job” and
“be a STAY at home mom” and
“start a new life,which you have actually only 1” and 
“make your ART”