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On behalf of the conference committees of the 5th International Conference on “Excellence in Education 2011: Giftedness-Creativity-Development”, I am delighted to welcome you to Istanbul University, which is proud to be the host for this Conference. The university is honoured to organize and host this highly regarded international event in partnership with the International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE).  

We are working to construct a conference that will inspire your understanding of excellence in basic and higher education in general and gifted education in particular. This conference has been growing from strength to strength in recent years, and we are keen to see this trend continue by expanding not only the number of national and international participant, but also the range and value of the services, facilities, and the activities that we offer at the conference. It is designed for participants who seek a broad interdisciplinary view of excellence, creativity, and gifted education. We are united by our commitment to excellence and high quality gifted education.  

Take advantage of a tremendous selection of high quality opportunities during the conference at 26 keynote and invited speeches; 3 symposia, and more than 100 presentations. In addition, if you feel like you need some specialized trainings, you can also take advantage of the (14) pre-conference workshops that will be conducted by a number of well-known scholars in this field of knowledge.

We encourage you all to visit the site, and to encourage your colleagues – particularly those new to excellence in education, giftedness, and creativity – to do so as well. We welcome you to this unique international experience designed just for you.  

This year we are thrilled to welcome the Nobel Laureate Aaron Ciechanover; the distinguished, renowned keynote and invited speakers; and all the presenters and participants. I hope you will all find the 5th International Conference on Excellence in Education valuable, enriching and enjoyable. We look forward to seeing you all at the conference.

See you in Istanbul!  

Excellence in Education 2011: Giftedness, Creativity, Development
Sandra K. Linke, Ph.D.
ICIE Director, Co-Chair

The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) is committed to the development of all learners as productive world citizens and leaders for the future. This International Conference will provide a conference programme with the highest calibre of: Nobel Prize winners, keynote speakers, invited speakers, and a large number of scholars and presenters alongside a selection of exhibitors. This conference, in İstanbul – Türkiye, is another milestone in the journey towards leadership, creativity and innovation.

Conference Aims and Objectives:
Encourage volunteer spirit; Promote excellence and sustain quality; Connecting Communities; Strive for improvement; Evolve responsibly; Meet community expectations of quality; Sustain competitiveness and viability; andBalance innovation with core essentials.

This conference provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Explore the latest developments in Education;
  • Examine the need for sustainable educational systems;
  • Integrate the latest technology into the education system;
  • Debate the future of education: What are the challenges ahead?
  • Learn from innovative case studies where educational institutions and LEA's have taken the initiative;
  • Engage in a series of seminars designed to debate the theory and practice of real improvement in education; and
  • Participate in pre-conference workshops designed to develop participants' competencies.

  • Advances in Creativity and Innovation;
  • Education for Peace;
  • Gifted Education: models of excellence in education;
  • Learning Environment: standards and curricula, tasks and materials, and communication;
  • Instructors and Teacher: competencies, teaching methods, and staff development;
  • Learner: competencies, individual differences, intervention and development;
  • Programme Development: examples, planning models and components, implementation and evaluation;
  • Integrated Services: guidance and counselling, community services, and mentorship;
  • Future Trends: globalisation and networking, civic education, and building creative climates; and
  • The International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011) is a worldwide celebration of the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to the well-being of humankind. Under the unifying theme "Chemistry—our life, our future," IYC 2011 The ICIE will celebrate the IYC2011). The Year of Chemistry is intended to reach across the globe, with opportunities for public participation at the local, regional, and national level.

We encourage anyone with an interest in excellence in education and gifted education to attend this conference. The participants will include: university academics, educational psychologists, education policy advisers and managers, business and industry leaders, gifted and talented program coordinators, school heads, graduate students, parents and caretakers.

Registration Fees for International Participants:

  • Early Registration Fees:      €300 (June 6, 2011).
  • Late Registration Fees:       €350 (June 30, 2011).
  • Onsite Registration:            €400.
  • Pre-Conference Workshop:  €50.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us:

sandra@icieworld.net        sandra.linke@icieworld.net

Registration Fees for Local Participants:

Local participants could pay the registration fee and/ or fees for the pre-conference workshops directly to Okyanus Kolejleri:

Local Contact for Turkish Participants: 

 Ms. Pınar Sonmez;  
Manager of Public Relations; 
Mobile: 0532 708 30 67

e-Mail: pinarsonmez@okyanuskoleji.com


Registration Fees for Turkish Participants:
Registration Fees:                              TL150
Morning Pre-Conference workshops:    TL 50
Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops: TL 50


Method of Payment:
Bank Transfer/ Deposit:
Bank Name: Yapı Kredi Bankası 
Branch: Avcılar 
IBAN Nr: TR 480 006 701 000 000 081 107 142

Bank Name: Garanti Bankası 
Branch: Şirinevler
IBAN Nr: TR 610 006 200 018 700 006 297 965

If you have any question, will you please contact:
Dr. Sandra K. Linke,
Director, ICIE,
e-Mail: sandra.linke@icieworld.net