Montessori Activity – Daily Life – Age: 3 Years

How To Polish Shoes

To teach a child the skill of polishing shoes. 
Age: 3 years.
A tray with the following items:
A tin of shoe polish
A small shoe brush, which is stored in a zip-locked bag
A piece of newspaper
A polish cloth.
There should be two pairs of children’s shoes on the shelf for a child to choose
from (one boy’s pair and one girl’s pair).
• This should be an individual presentation.
• Introduce this activity to the child at the shelf.
• Allow the child to select the shoes which she/he would like to polish and
place on the tray.
• Ask the child to carry the tray to a table.
• Remove the newspaper from the tray and place it on the table.
• Place the shoes onto the newspaper.
• Remove the brush from the bag and place it along with the polish onto 
the newspaper.
• Remove the lid from the tin of shoe polish.
• Dip one side of the brush into the polish until its surface is lightly covered with polish
• Place one hand in the shoe, and begin applying the polish to the shoe,
starting at the tip of the shoe, and working toward the back. Use small
circular motions.
• Apply more polish if necessary, and repeat on the other side of the shoe.
• Show the child how to complete polishing the shoes using a polishing cloth. 
• Replace the brush into the bag, and place the bag and the polish back onto 
the tray.
• Return the polished shoes to the shelf.
• Fold up the newspaper and place in the recycling bin.
• Invite the child to repeat the activity. Remind her/him to put everything back 
on the shelf to its original spot with a clean piece of newspaper when 
she/he has finished.
• Suggest that the child washes her/his hands when she/he is done