I am a chemical engineer involved in clean nature. I started this business in 21 Oct 2011 when I discovered sapindus mukorrossi so called soapnuts. Soapnuts are fruits of a soap tree (in turkish sabunagaci my web site name), which has saponins natural cleaning agent which dissolves in water and make natural boubles for cleaning. It’s grey water is not harmful to nature or animals as well as human. We can use it to fertilise plants after cleaning home.

As a mother of 1 year old allergenic boy, I started to use it for laundry and cleaning at home as my kid started to wander around and take into mouth what ever bottle he finds in kitchen and bathroom. Soapnuts were more than a saver, a hero as evenif a child eats/drinks it he will only stay in toilet longer, instead of getting sick or worse..

After I started to blog write about and make videos and sell it online to people who need it as I needed. I started to make my own natural chemical and cruelty free soaps from soapnut then clay and our mediterrenean olive oil based soaps to use at home both for body and face washing.

Since then we are using my soaps all family with pleasure. My husband discovered his itching skin healed, my son got out of allergies, I got rid of acnes and rosacea illness on my face. (I especially use my own clay lemon soap sold in my online shop)

I started my own biz and now I continue making a solid natural detergent from soapnut and I grew soapnuts tree. I make more species of natural soaps. My main goal is to use food grade oils (coconut and local olive oil cacao oil) and use no chemicals and make the vegan soaps and use the herbs healing properties.

I would fully recommend my products as I use them without hesitation to all family members. You can buy all online at www.shopier.com/sabunagaci

Soon I will put all natual perfume, natural solid washing machine and laundry detergent and hand made local souvenirs

Keep in touch from my social links at my main page or simply mail me @ esra@sabunagaci.com

Thank you for your interest and following

Salut ! Namaste !



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